Social Media Missionary Updates

Using Facebook for your missions updates is the most natural thing. After all, everyone is on Facebook and you definitely know how to use it - better than grandma. But there is a significant difference between interacting with friends on Facebook or Instagram, and using social media for updates to your financial partners. 

Post Often

It's super important that when using social media to post frequently. Posting once a day is really good. You want to post interesting stuff, but it doesn't have to be difficult. I can take 5 minutes if I don't have anything specific from my day to find something interesting to post.

It can be something new or funny. Because if posting on Facebook is difficult, then you're definitely doing it wrong. Find what's interesting to you and share it with your financial partners crew. If it makes you think or pause for a moment, then it could be worth sharing to keep up the dialogue. 

Use the Stories that Exist

Good fundraisers are good story tellers. Period. If you aren't telling stories that move you, then you are missing out on a great opportunity to connect with others. While the most impactful stories will be the ones that happen because of the difference you're making in people's lives by sharing the gospel, don't be afraid to share others' stories as well.

Stories generate empathy. Empathy drives compassion. Compassion compels people to partner! 

Everything you share, online or in person, should start with a story. It's by far the most powerful thing you can share. 


Drew Foote, Fundraising Coach

Some call me eccentric, some call me passionate, and some call me just plain weird. I love getting to hear others' stories, experiencing real connection with others, and seeing what drives them really fascinates me. I am thrilled to be a coach for Tailored Fundraising Solutions. When I'm not at my computer, I'll most likely be playing on my guitar or training at a local martial arts dojo!

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