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Have you ever worried if your partners are tired of giving to you? In fact, you are afraid that if your partners knew the truth, they would stop giving all together and every month you expect to see more and more partners drop off. You begin to feel that your partners might even have “giving fatigue”. 

You were not meant to be alone on this often-daunting road of fundraising. The loneliness of your fundraising journey is real, but it’s not required. You may feel on your own because no one else in your life is preparing to leave the country. You may feel like people don’t “get it.” I don’t enjoy it when someone I’m coaching feels this way. That’s why I’d like to give you some tips.

The scariest part of fundraising for so many people is just one little question, asked a few different ways. This one question can terrify people and make fundraising feel like a massive, unclimbable mountain.

You aren’t alone! This is totally normal. There’s an extremely important reason for this fear.

Asking for money at any time of life is... awkward, but when you're fundraising, asking for money has a much deeper purpose. Let me tell you a key to fundraising: it's not about asking people for money; instead, it’s about giving them an opportunity to invest in Kingdom work. Here's 2 tips to help you get to the mission field without awkward conversations!