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Donor partnerships are the most important relationships we have as fundraisers—and church partnerships are no different. And if we want to keep our relationships healthy, then the age-old phrase still stands: Communication is key. If you want healthy, long-lasting partnerships, keep communication with your donors at the center of your to-do list.

As you sit at your desk, staring at a blank screen (with only a blinking cursor to remind you that it’s still running), and wondering what to write in your monthly newsletter—let us inspire you with two simple questions: 1. What's an example of a need that your ministry is addressing?  and 2. How does your ministry meet this need? By answering these questions, you can always offer a vision-focused newsletter to educate and enlarge your partner's world as you connect them to what you are accomplishing together.

It’s rare that we plan time to connect with our financial partners before leaving for an extended period of time, but these opportunities are extremely important (and vital to your on-going partnership with donors). Connecting with your donors and partners before you leave for a trip might seem like the worst time to get together, but it is actually the best. Why? Because you are preparing for ministry and the needs you can share with them are going to be current and immediate. Make your connection with them special and intentional!

Ever thought about using text messages as your ongoing communication to donors, instead of or in addition to email? Text messages have an open rate of 98% within 2 minutes of sending and almost 100% open rate in 24 hours of sending. That’s pretty incredible compared to the average open rate of email being 20%!

Asking for funding can be uncomfortable for anyone if they don’t know the right ways to ask, but that’s why Tailored Fundraising is here to help. When fundraising, you might make phone calls to 10 different people in one afternoon and be lucky to have 4 of them answer (or call you back). This is normal, and they best way to receive results is to stay persistent.

What if you knew the secret to getting a “Yes” every time you asked for funding? You would never be afraid to ask for money again! At Tailored, we believe that if you can learn how to ask in the right way, your potential donors will respond with a “Yes” nearly every time you ask.