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Funding flows most freely when it’s the only thing holding you back from impact.

You’ve developed a killer strategy to meet a real need in the world and impact many lives. But sometimes it’s hard to get donors to invest in your solution. You need to come up with a real strategy to take what you see as a true need, and make plans to address that need while integrating your financial partners into the plan.

This is so important because directly connecting the person giving to the impact couples funding and success without any hindrances. But defining impact clearly for your donors and potential donors can be a big challenge.

Have you ever sent out a fundraising letter that was only focused on the money? Did you write it like that purposely, or unintentionally? If you wrote it purposely focused on the money, did you read it back to yourself and think, “Man, people are going to be so excited to give to me when I talk about how much money I need before our deadline.” Well, nope.