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How often do you, as a missionary, hear how God is making a difference in your partners’ lives? Partnership should be a dialogue, it goes two ways. So, how well do you really know your partners? Do you know how to specifically pray for them, and more importantly, do you pray for them?

There are people in this world who love fundraising! They enjoy the calling, meeting, and pitching projects to people in order to ask them to give more and more every year.

Fundraising is wonderful! But is it? Seriously?

When you are part of a financial partnership with a donor, you should be finding ways to fulfill a need in your donor’s lives. While on the same account, they are fulfilling a need in you or your organization’s mission by their giving and consequently also by their direct involvement with the mission.

If you’re like me, you want everything you write to be opened and read with great interest, the audience hanging on every word. However, in reality, your ministry emails go out and get skimmed over on a GREAT day! So, how do you take your emails from a dismal quick skim (when it gets opened) to a clearly interested audience?!

Are you waiting for that big A-HA! moment before you send in a report to anyone? Has this caused you to sit back and send zero communication to your financial partners?

But really, you don’t need to have earth-shattering or mind-blowing updates. Your financial partners want to see you being faithful and presenting the hope of the gospel, just as you promised to do. 

Here are three ways to communicate the blessing of the mundane.