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A year-end appeal involves leadership, segmenting, and is far from a passive “wait and see,” or a substitute for individual interaction. The year-end appeal provides a pathway for partnership and involvement as part of an overall strategy throughout the year. 

Here are three keys to write an effective year end appeal letter.

Segmenting is truly an easy exercise, and something that really should be an essential part of your year end fundraising strategy.

When it comes to ensuring fundraising success, even the best letter in the world won’t raise money if you don’t have the recipients segmented properly. Spend 80 percent of your time on building your lists, and 20 percent on writing copy and designing your package.

Do you feel the pressure of the end of the year to try to raise more funds than any other time of the year? 

But there’s a better way to phrase the end of the year appeal to your financial partners than the typical “it's December, so let's fundraise” encouragement. Here’s a couple tips you can apply to your own creation of a year end strategy for giving.