Finding the Solution to Zero Responses

Working with a client to find solutions that fit their specific partnership demographic can be challenging. One client kept hitting wall after wall when trying to schedule meetings with people. They had sent their missions introduction letter and then were faithfully emailing the folks to set up a convenient meeting time. It wasn't working.

After praying together and asking God to provide, we were able to think outside the box. By simply modifying their process, they could potentially get a better response. The client chose to send a short text to potential financial partners, asking if they could call in a few days and set up a convenient meeting time. It worked!

The clients were able to set up multiple meetings for the following week. When you're stuck in fundraising and can't seem to find any potential financial partners, there is a solution.


Drew Foote, Fundraising Coach

Some call me eccentric, some call me passionate, and some call me just plain weird. I love getting to hear others' stories, experiencing real connection with others, and seeing what drives them really fascinates me. I am thrilled to be a coach for Tailored Fundraising Solutions. When I'm not at my computer, I'll most likely be playing on my guitar or training at a local martial arts dojo!

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