What Makes Tailored Fundraising So Different

There are many ways Tailored Fundraising Solutions can serve to move your funding forward in skill building, strategic communication, and personalized commitment to your challenges.

Fundraising Skills

Tailored works to align your funding with your impact, as well as the tactical skills needed to raise money. With tactical skills, we know it's not enough to just have the information on what to do, you need an experienced team member coaching you through all the unique situations you will face as you implement your plan. We offer this coaching for as long as you need and in any circumstances you need.

Strategic Communication

A donor isn’t going to connect with your vision just because you tell them about it. We can work with you to clearly express the way their partnership with you and your organization will make an impact in the long-term. When you communicate a clear ministry impact, you can allow donors to share the ownership of the vision, clarify your own measures for success, and even uncover the unique qualities of impact on the people you serve.

Personalized Commitment

What you get with most other training organizations, consultants, or coaches is a specific method that has proven successful in fundraising -- often in a limited context. It boils down to a formula or skill set that they expect to simply win the day if you go out and work hard enough. While that method is effective some of the time, it isn't successful with a growing percent of fundraisers today. Not only that, it can be very hard for you to embrace, even if you could be successful.

One client said, "My ministry vision felt unclear. Working with Tailored, I was able to more clearly communicate my vision and learned how to approach contacts. I moved from 60% to over 100% monthly in 3 months."


With Tailored, we help you understand the truth about what partnership is and why it's important, and how it sustainably links with your ministry and operations. We want to walk with you through an implementation process, that we create together, to fit your funding strengths and opportunities.


Kiley Hawkins, Co-Founder

On the weekends, when I’m not cheering on the Liverpool Football Club, you’ll find me working outside on my farm. At Tailored, I get most excited about helping organizations achieve alignment around their mission. It's a privilege to be a part of other organizations by thinking strategically and creatively to connect funding and impact.

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