What to Include in an Intro Letter to a Church

Making multiple touches with each financial partner is essential to becoming or remaining funded in your mission. One of the easiest ways to  create touch is an introduction letter. While many of the principles are the same, practically an intro letter to a church looks slightly different from an intro letter to an individual

Before writing the letter, take time to research the church you want to engage. If you don't personally attend this church, look at their website, call the church secretary, ask someone you know who attends the church.

Seek to answer the following questions:

1. What's the missions culture of the church?

2.  What's the focus of their mission? (i.e., church planting, urban renewal, 10-40 window, reaching Muslims, or another certain part of the world, etc.)

3. What kind of missionaries does the church already support, and are you required to be a member to receive financial support?

Now that you know some basic information and cultural normalities, you can more effectively personalize your letter.

Include in the letter the following information:

  • A short biography of yourself and how you're connected with the church.

  • Explain how your ministry ties into that particular church's mission culture and emphasis.

  • Offer a piece of unique information about the need your ministry is addressing. Offer one fact, a compelling statistic, or a very brief story that will catch the attention of the pastor or the person reading the letter.

  • End the letter with a request to meet, so the pastor or missions director can learn more about your ministry. State clearly that you will be calling them to connect personally.


Susie Berner, Fundraising Coach

You can usually find me at the beach, swimming in the pool, or planting a garden and keeping my fingers crossed that something will grow. Coaching missionaries to catch a vision for the potential and privilege of building a financial partnership team is amazing. I love it when a missionary gains the confidence and determination to build a team, and then sends me an email when they are fully funded!

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