Ask for Funding by Sharing the Real Need of Your Ministry

Spending the day helping others clarify their mission and how to communicate it is like catching a fish on a hot summer's day. You don't think anything is going to be there, and then when you toss the line and find what you're looking for, it's the sweetest.

Recently, I was talking with a client and they were frustrated. Having hired other consultants to help them and walking away with no real benefits was beginning to wear on them. Not only that, but this client was in grave need to take their organization to the next level of funding and strategy. These were some big problems to solve in a day.

We began talking about how to align their funding and clarify their impact in order to communicate it well to their current financial partners. Answering foundational questions like, what problem are you trying to solve? What is your solution to that problem? How do you measure success? And how do you package this motivational information to a financial partner or stakeholder?

The real success of the day came when they began to understand the depth of the problem they were solving for a people in dire need of hope for life. Being reminded of the need for their own ministry, they began to see how important every one of their ministries is to help people. Realizing a fresh vision of the importance of their ministry led to new thoughts about the many ways they could invite others to partner with them in solving this problem. 


Kiley Hawkins, Co-Founder

On the weekends, when I’m not cheering on the Liverpool Football Club, you’ll find me working outside on my farm. At Tailored, I get most excited about helping organizations achieve alignment around their mission. It's a privilege to be a part of other organizations by thinking strategically and creatively to connect funding and impact.

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