When to Fundraise This Year

As you consider fundraising throughout the calendar year, there are seasons of fundraising you should think about strategically. 


While summer might seem like a natural time to fundraise, it's actually quite difficult because small groups are taking breaks, families are taking vacation, and parents are arranging camps for kids. Scheduling with individuals around these times can be challenging at best.

Spring & Fall

The hot spot of fundraising, in my opinion, is April to May, between spring break and graduation. As well as September to October, after summer and before the holidays, as things settle into a rhythm. Purposely focusing on gaining more funding during these times of the year could allow you to work more efficiently with others' schedules.

Plan Ahead

When you fundraise with churches, it's important to start early because they tend to be a longer process than working with individuals. So, the time of the calendar year may not make as much difference, but you'll need plenty of patience.


Jenny Karr, Director of Training & Coaching Services

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