Your Budget is Not a Need for Others Generosity

This world has many needs: orphans, hunger, abuse, poverty; too many to list them all. So, let's be extremely clear that your budget is not a problem other people are ready to help you solve. 

But there are people in this world that are ready and prepared to give generously to resolve a true need in this world. Right now, there are 110,000 orphaned, abused, and neglected children in a small town in Argentina. By giving to a specific ministry, anyone who lives anywhere in this world can make a difference in the lives of one of those children. That child will be eternally impacted and extremely thankful for someone's generosity changing their life. 

When you're fundraising, focusing on the need of your finances will not likely move someone to give to the mission. But a villain of people in need of others' help will motivate generosity like you've yet to imagine.

Center your messaging and your ask for financial partnership around the transformation that can happen in each kid's life, as they receive God's love and care through the work done with financial partners; people want to give to impact lives, not fulfill a deficit.  


Deb Evans, Fundraising Coach

Being a fundraising coach is exciting because I am able to meet with and help God’s ambassadors get to the field. Coaching also gives me the privilege of contributing to the Great Commission. When I’m not coaching or blogging, I’m surfing the web for new recipes to try on my family in Birmingham, AL. They are my Guinea pigs!

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