Our Clients

Anyone that wants to raise support quicker and receive accountability should definitely pursue coaching with Tailored.
— Landon & Emily Nichols

Tailored first learned who we are and what drove our mission- and from that understanding, helped us align our strategy, mission, vision, and goals to secure the funding we needed. All in all, in acute transitions and long-term planning, the Tailored team encourages us to be confident as we grow.

— Tiffany Atkinson

Freedom's Promise


We didn't think we had any contacts left. We learned that a lot of people never considered the possibility of joining our team because they had never been asked to do so in a clear and straightforward way. We also learned that people want to be part of an effort that is changing the lives of real people.

— Missionary in the Field


The average time it takes a missionary to complete partner development has literally been cut in half. The most frequent comment that I hear from our missionaries is that a Tailored coach has been revolutionary in their perspective and confidence in the fundraising process.

— Dennis Martin

One Challenge


Russell, Kiley, and the team actually engineer measureable results. It’s not the kind of advising that comes from some coaches where they give you ideas and then let you make it happen.  They stick with you and make sure you’ve moved the needle forward.  Through our work with them - and this is key - we can tell that they truly care about our mission just as much as we do.

— John Hooper

Kaleo Kids


Tailored Fundraising Solutions greatly improved our missionary fundraising preparation and accountability in ways we’ve historically been unable to capably do ourselves. They’ve allowed us to focus on what we do best while leveraging what they do best for the benefit of mobilizing a greater number of fully funded workers into mission. Choosing Tailored as an extension of our ministry was a strategic decision for us. Tailored has enabled missionaries to go further faster in funding their ministry which is a win for everyone.

— Brian Mount


Tailored has been an incredible resource to Envision. It’s been remarkable to see so many of our people get trained and fully funded so quickly with caring, qualified coaches. I’m so thankful for Tailored and will continue to use their coaching and systems for our interns, long-term folks, and even to consult about finances at an organizational level. The bottom line for me is that I trust Russell, Kiley, and their team, and will continue to recommend them without hesitation!

— Tim Meier

Christian Ministry Alliance

I wish I would have started a partnership with Tailored sooner. I tried doing support raising on my own for about 4 or 5 months… and I just didn't have a strategy. I recommend Tailored to every missionary that I encounter.

— Claire Martin


Almost every person we met with said yes to partner. It wasn’t necessarily at the level of support we asked, but they engaged.  I know it’s not because we had the best team. It’s because we connected the work we’re doing to the person we asked in a way that they understood it and could help create the impact.

— Heath Hubbard