Tailored Fundraising


We create stress-free fundraising solutions personalized to meet your needs.

We serve Christian individuals and organizations dedicating their lives to advancing God’s kingdom and wanting an easier way to raise support for the great work that they do. Like most mission-minded leaders, they often feel like they’re hustling (often by themselves) to find, meet, and sell a vision to more people in order to keep that vision from dying.

However, imagine if you could spend less time fundraising but actually raise more money? We’re different because we are the only fundraising coaches that offer new tools tailored to today’s ministry leader looking for a more effective approach to raising money in a digital, hyper- connected world.

We’re honest, savvy, encouraging, and down-to-earth. Our coaches are professional fundraisers who have raised millions of dollars. On average our clients raise 10 times more than what they spend on us with many of them hitting their fundraising goal in half the time they expect.

We believe in partnerships over transactions, impact over institutions, and custom over cookie-cutter solutions.

Don’t let the overwhelming task of fundraising keep you from doing the good work that God’s called you to do. Instead let Tailored help you find your fit.

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