Our eBooks take deep dives into key fundraising issues brought to you by our team of pro fundraisers. We tackle critical issues, like how to make bigger asks, and how to give clear invitation to partner.


Generosity is Biblical

When we can communicate to others about our ministry in a way that allows them to respond honestly and authentically, it will give them the opportunity to take ownership of what God is asking them to do by giving of the resources He has entrusted to them.

The resources your partners are giving will help further the work of bringing others into a right relationship with God.


Learning How to
 Ask Again

The process of getting a gift from a first-time donor can be very challenging, and we often see it as the end of the relationship because we technically received what we were looking for: a donation.

However, to move those one-time donations into ongoing donations and partnership, it is important to keep in mind that a first-time gift is only the beginning of the relationship.