Our Approach


We’ve partnered with individuals, teams, and entire organizations, taking the same approach that allows us to build a strategic funding plan and craft powerful stories that compel funding partners to invest in your work for the long term.

In today’s world, it’s getting harder and harder to reach, and retain, funding partners.

Long-time donors may no longer be able to give. Millennials are presented with so many options to give that they don’t know where to start. And field staff often bear the full weight of maintaining funding relationships - a model that limits engagement to a single individual rather than a comprehensive vision.

We believe your funding partners want to take ownership in your vision.

They just need a full-scale experience to take that long-term step.

Our Tailored team will work with you to build an organization-wide strategy that engages and sustains funding partnerships at an organizational level. That means bringing together your internal teams - from operations, to finance, to communications, to development - to work as a cohesive unit when it comes to partnering with donors. Our advisors can coach you through the funding plans, communications tactics, and organizational strategies that align your fundraising efforts internally. The result is a healthier organization overall - one that operates out of generosity, not scarcity.


Core Process

Through a phased process that uniquely meets your organizational needs, Tailored will:

  • DISCOVER strengths and opportunities, challenges and silos that can better work for your funding efforts.

  • REFRAME your funding efforts within a Biblical context.

  • TELL STORIES in a way that connects funding partners to your comprehensive vision, not just one scenario.

  • PLAN long-term efforts that cultivate funding partners right alongside your unfolding vision.

  • ENGAGE donors as sustained partners in your vision.

  • MAXIMIZE your efforts with coaching that utilizes your areas of strength and guides teams in breaking old habits.


Coaching is about more than training.  It’s flexible, personalized, and empowering.  

Our coaches believe that encouraging people to address their weaknesses and maximize their strengths when it comes to connecting with funding partners offers the greatest opportunity to truly share a vision for ministry that invites shared ownership.  

Using a GROW approach we use GoalsRealitiesOpportunities, and a Way Forward - our coaches walk individuals through the plans, processes, and strategies to reach their funding goals on time.  It’s our privilege to take on the role of coach and advisor to individuals who are fundraising to reach the field for the first time, on the field today, home on furlough, or returning to the field after an extended break.