Frequently Asked Questions


How long are the coaching sessions?

Each session is up to 60 minutes long.

How much should I expect to raise by implementing Tailored Fundraising’s strategies?

Everyone is different but we will tell you that one of our clients only had 2 missionaries reach fully funded before working with Tailored. In one year of working with us, they had 9 missionaries get fully funded in half the amount of time it took them before.

What core services does Tailored offer?

We offer a variety of services depending on the unique needs of our individual clients. A few of our services include: strategy days, complete funding strategy and planning, donor proposal development and management, core message development and execution, live fundraising coaching, personalized executive coaching, and systems organization management.


How long before I can start fundraising?

Our coaches focus on communications and contact gathering at first, but they are able to move as quickly as you can. On average it takes most of our clients about 4 weeks until they are ready to dive into their active fundraising.

Is the contract flexible?

Week by week the scheduled sessions are very flexible. You are able to schedule each session with your coach on a weekly basis and does not have to fall on the same day & time each week. As far as the start and stop date, these dates are not as flexible. If you know of something that will take up a month or more of your time, please let us know ahead of time.

Do I get to choose my coach?

No, Tailored takes into consideration what type of personality and experience level is a good fit for you and also needs to base the fit on availability of the coach.

How long does it take to get funded?

For most of our clients it takes an average of six to nine months to reach their fully funded goal.

What kind of experience and training do your coaches have?

All of our coaches have experience in fundraising for personal ministry and have gone through an internal coach training program. Each coach is also actively involved in professional development throughout the year and we ask for feedback from each client to ensure we are giving our best every time.

What all is covered in coaching?

Coaching covers just about anything you want that relates to fundraising. It can cover letters, phone calls, emails, connecting over facebook, utilizing social media, newsletters, major donors, connecting with churches, sharing with small groups, growing your network, fundraising events, and more.