Fundraising eBook

How to Get a Generous Response (Almost) Every Time You Ask


Living Generously

This book is centered on the invitation for people to become generous by partnering with you in the mission, vision, or ministry given to you by God. A clear invitation to partner is a small but crucial piece of a healthy relationship with your financial donors and through the chapters of this book, we will examine what could be holding you back from completely funding your vision by discussing the three main elements of getting a generous response (almost) every time you ask.


Generosity is Biblical

When we can communicate to others about our ministry in a way that allows them to respond honestly and authentically, it will give them the opportunity to take ownership of what God is asking them to do by giving of the resources He has entrusted to them.

The resources your partners are giving will help further the work of bringing others into a right relationship with God.


Asking for Money is Hard

It doesn't matter what culture or country you find yourself in--talking about money is never the "right" thing to do. Money is discussed in many ways in different cultures, but we rarely go around talking about how much we make or how much we give.

The most effective way to invite someone to partner with your vision is always going to be through a face to face conversation. Finding the right setting is absolutely crucial to making the other person feel most comfortable and to getting an honest response.