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Get more funding without adding donors


Thinking Bigger

Why do you think you feel as though you cannot ask your most faithful givers to give more? It is likely because you feel as though you are taking something from them.

However, in order to reap the greatest benefits for both you and your donor, you will need to shift your mindset to knowing you are giving something to them, not taking something from them.


Learning How to 
Ask Again

The process of getting a gift from a first-time donor can be very challenging, and we often see it as the end of the relationship because we technically received what we were looking for: a donation.

However, to move those one-time donations into ongoing donations and partnership, it is important to keep in mind that a first-time gift is only the beginning of the relationship.


Communication Road Map

Partnership is most often built upon an already established relationship. The most important thing about a gift is building a relationship with the person who gave the gift or will give a gift.

Getting to know your donors means getting to know their passions. What issues are your donors passionate about solving? Identify a problem for them that you can solve together.