Our Promise


We create stress-free fundraising solutions personalized to meet your needs.

We focus on what our expert coaches and advisors do best. Our promise to you:

  • We will prioritize relationships over dollars

  • We will be honest with you about what it will take to be successful and reach your goals

  • We respect your data as it belongs to you

  • We guarantee that what you raise will be greater than what you spend on coaching - with 90% of people like you becoming fully funded

  • We are in it with you - you're not alone

  • We approach fundraising from a biblical perspective

  • We appreciate your unique strengths and help you maximize them, not become someone else

  • We will give you tools, ideas and plans that you can use over and over, long after our work together is done.

Don’t let the overwhelming task of fundraising keep you from doing the good work that God’s called you to do. Instead let Tailored help you get on mission.